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Tess Hawk

Ah, estoy inspirada, tanto que estoy por entrar a otro juego de rol... ya sé que eso significa que no voy a escribir mucho acá y hay gente que se queja, pero bueh... a mí me encanta esto. Este juego se ubica en un universo con metahumanos (algo así como los Xmen, digo, por si alguien no sabe a qué me refiero) Mi personaje es uno de ellos.

Real Name: Theresa Rivers
Official Name: Theresa Hawk
Nicknames: Tess, Tish
Species: meta-human
Date of birth: 10/8/1978
Place of birth: Petersburg, Virginia. USA
Height: 1.57 m
Weight: 50 k.
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: black


A lone road going up the Appalachian mountains, 1980
The odometer needle steadily moved left as the man stepped on the gas. 100, 110, 120 … simultaneously, the voices raised in volume, and anger. It was night and the dark winding road systematically climbed the Appalachian Mountains, but the couple was oblivious of the danger, too engrossed in a much repeated discussion...

“I’m not leaving her, John! She’s my child, strange or not, and I won't be surrendering her to those… those…” furious, the woman couldn’t finish the sentence, her blue eyes full of anger.

“Good. Don’t! But she’s my child too, need I remind you?”

“Ha! If it were for you…”

“What? Say it, say it!” he dared, taking his eyes off the road to look at his wife.

“You’d gotten rid of her! There! I said it! You’d… John! Watch out!” she cried…

In the rear seat, a two year old girl slept in her baby chair, unaware of the drama that was playing. In her lap a little kitten was curled, a couple of squirrels hid in the back of her seat too and a small fox cub slept at her feet.

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    From the moment she had been born it had been clear that Theresa Rivers was not an ordinary baby. In the hospital, the nurses had been horrified to find her crib full of all kind of vermin… ants, spiders and even a little mouse had crept near the infant, and yet the delicate skin of the newborn baby hadn't shown a bite or a scratch.

    Once at home, those kind of things happened with regularity. It was not uncommon to find the baby’s diaper full of ants or discover her laughing at butterflies flying around her. Lesley’s nerves were always on edge until she realized that the little animals never harmed the baby, nor would Tess do them any harm. Her husband wasn’t so comprehensive though, and started buying insecticides or mice poison to get rid of the vermin, all the time trying to conceal his daughter’s strange traits.

    As the baby grew, it became more and more difficult to hide her, though. Bigger animals, like cats, dogs, squirrels or rabbits started to gather around the Rivers’ house, making it impossible to conceal the situation any longer. It was then when he started to talk about taking the girl to a geneticist to see what was wrong with her. Lesley Rivers wouldn’t hear of it and finally they decided to move to Richmond, hoping that a big city anonymity helped them go unnoticed.

    However, soon they got notice of men visiting their old house in search of Tess. Lesley became hysterical, demanding that they left the city again in search of a safer place. They left that same night. Tiredness and fear was taking its toll when the accident happened. John didn’t take a turn and the car hit a tree on his side. He was instantly killed, the driving wheel getting into his rib cage. Lesley was knocked unconscious and wasn’t expelled from the car thanks to her seatbelt. Tess’ baby chair, however, didn’t resist the impact and flew from the open door to land on the damp earth a dozen meters ahead.

    At such rough awakening, Tess’ frantic cries echoed in the lone woods. In no time, from different directions, three wild animals approached her. A big wolf, a cougar and an eagle gathered around the terrified toddler. Natural enemies, they stood side by side watching her. The cougar lowered its head and licked the tears, its raspy tongue ticking her into giggles.

    “Mommy?” she asked as she stopped crying, not even afraid of the animals around her. The big cougar looked around, as if understanding. In two strong leaps it got to the car and pulled the unconscious woman out of it. Meanwhile the wolf attacked the baby chair straps until it freed the girl, who walked towards her mother.

    “Mommy?” she asked, not getting any response; giggling she curled near her mother and fell asleep again. The wolf and cougar set around them as well, giving them warmth with their bodies, the eagle perched on a tree branch above the group. A wolf, cougar and eagle, sleeping together next to a woman and child.

    It was like this that Sam “Lone” Hawk found them the next morning. He was a young Cherokee in his initiation trip. Lone Hawk was young for such trip, only 10 years old, but the spirits were strong in him and had told him to go. He wasn’t surprised to find the little girl sleeping peacefully among wild animals. His own totem animal, the Hawk, had told him he would.

    Without fear, he approached the strange group. The animals instantly raised their heads to meet his gaze, fearless as well. He was so enthralled looking at the powerful totem animals that he didn’t notice the girl awakening. When he finally looked at her he inhaled sharply, mesmerized by her brown gaze and ready smile.

    Lone Hawk had earned his name because of his isolation. His eyes often saw what wasn’t there but what the spirits showed him. This gift set him apart from the rest of the reservation children. However, when this little girl looked at him he felt connected, as if he already knew her. Kneeling next to her, he took her in his arms and raised her. The girl laughed and touched his face.

    “Niz boy,” she said in her half tongue, and Lone Hawk laughed as well, not realizing that she had just baptized him. For her, he would be Niz from then on.

    The kid then assessed the site, noticing the crashed car and the unconscious woman. The man in the car was dead but the woman was breathing steadily. He took the man out of the car and covered his body with rocks, then he carried the woman to the cougar, that had leaned for him to do so. He didn’t find it strange that an animal did so, it was afterwards one of the totem animals of the girl.

    “What’s your name?” he asked the girl, taking her from her hand and leading them back towards the reservation. The wolf followed them a few steps behind and the eagle flew ahead.

    “Tish,” she said, mispronouncing her own name, baptizing herself as well.

    By the time Lone Hawk got to the reservation he knew the girl was special. Not only had she been saved by her totem animals (Three of them! Ordinary people only had one totem animal!) but a myriad of forest animals were following them, although when they got to the forest’s limits they stayed behind. Not so the cougar carrying Tess’ mother, nor the wolf of the eagle. They only returned to the wilderness when the old Reservation Shaman, Lone Hawk’s grandfather, received them, thanking the powerful animals with a deep bow of his head.

    The Cherokees of the “Old Hill Reservation” accepted the girl, believing her a gift from the spirits. The Shaman took them to his home and nursed Lesley back to health. The Indians approached the local police and reported the accident and the man’s burial. They didn’t report the woman and child’s rescue though, and, given the animals trail marks and the state of the safety belts the official assumption was that scavengers had taken them.

    In the following years Tess grew up in the Reservation’s safety, and was raised by Gray Cloud Hawk, the Shaman. With his guide the little girl learnt to control her power over animals. Gradually she could learn control her attraction and to consciously communicate with them. She had other powers as well, that appeared when she reached puberty; she could “enter” an animal’s body and see or hear from its eyes and ears, she could also enhance different traits in them, to improve their sight, ear, speed, etc. even their intelligence - always depending what they already had, she could make superior animals reach the level of intelligence of a small child.

    Her animal totems, the wolf, cougar and eagle, never stayed very far, and were ready to appear when she needed them. Tess had special affinity on animals of any of her totem’s families: felines, canines and birds. Also their special traits were present on her. From the cougar she got independence and strength, from the wolf she got freedom and intelligence and from the eagle she had clarity of vision and judgment.


Animal totems

In earlier days we understood that we were simply a part of the earth. We knew we were only one small part. Now many think humans are the greatest and most important part. But still, we are only a part of the earth, only a part of nature, only a child of Mother, only a part of Spirit. We used to know respect of Nature and killed only what we ate and used only the skins of what we killed and ate. We did not waste life nor disrespect spirits but honored and thanked them for providing us with life, nourishment, and comfort.”

“In earlier days we used to recognize and pay our respects to the power of the animal spirits. We wore skins and masks, we sang and prayed to specific animals. We painted the animals on our homes and death chambers, and asked the Spirit to guide us and bless the animals we killed, we honored the spirit of our prey. These acts linked us to our animal guides and reminded us that all animals, were our sisters, brothers, and cousins and most importantly our teachers and our friends. It reminded us that we too are animals with spirit,” said Gray Cloud to Tess, with solemnity. He watched the girl closely, she wasn’t missing a word. Not too far from them was Lone Hawk, listening attentively too.

“Each animal has it's own special power and message, for each animal has a powerful spirit and its own skill. Animal Spirits choose a person to be their companion and their friend, not the other way around. The animal will choose you and make itself known to you.”

“Like my Wolf?” asked Tess, while petting the big creature’s mane. She was resting on his warm fur, her little hands playing with its ears, as the powerfull animal dozed on, not bothered by her touch.

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    “Yes,” smiled the old indian. “Like your wolf, and your cougar and eagle. Only that they are not yours. You are as much theirs as them yours. They’ve chosen you, to teach you, to guide and help you. It’s a great blessing, but a great responsibility too. Having an animal totem means that you have lessons to learn and a powerful spiritual friend.”

    At this Tess nodded, open eyed. She understood this, young as she was, her animals communicate with her, and although sometimes she didn’t understand them, she knew that she had much to learn. They had helped her too, like when she had fallen in the brook and couldn’t get out.

    “Animals come to us because they have a lesson we need to learn, a power they are willing to share with a friend,” continued the Shaman. “The animals remind us that we are part of the earth; that each creature has a place; that each creature has a skill of it's own; that we have instincts given to us from Mother, wisdom born to us that we must awaken.”

    “Skills… like my talking to animals?” asked the girl again, she was old enough now to know that not everybody could talk to animals like she did.

    “That’s your skill, that’s your blessing. You have to use it wisely, that’s your responsibility.” At the confused look in the girl’s eyes, Gray Cloud added. “The Animal Totem that comes to you offers you power and wisdom if you will learn to communicate with it, with respect, trust, and understanding. Developing a relationship with a live animal totem takes time, practice, patience and could be very dangerous.”

    “Wolf would never hurt me,” pouted Tess, embracing the big beast, who raised his head to look at the Shaman, sensing Tess’ distress.

    “I never said he would, but you could hurt him. That’s what I meant when I talked about responsibility. Mistakenly people often think of animals as non-spiritual, uncultured, and less intelligent than humans. Some people do not even think animals have Spirit. And as beings with spirit, you can hurt them, not only physically but spiritually. When an animal chooses to follow you to the human world, you have the responsibility of protecting him as well.”

    Hearing the Shaman, Tess embraced her beloved Wolf even more closely, promising him that she would always take care of him. After the incident at the brook, the beast had left the forest to dwell with the natives, always around the little girl. The beast licked the girls face to make her tickle, promising her that he would always be with her too.

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Eris Ann Bruno

Bien!! Estoy contenta, acabo de crear un personaje para un nuevo juego de rol: Midnight Dawn. No pude evitar bautizarla Eris, se ve que estoy erisada en serio. Por si a alguien le interesa cómo es esto, acá va el perfil, sino: crucecita roja.

Name: Eris Ann Bruno
Race: Human, for now
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: blonde
Date of Birth: 21st June 1985
Place of Birth: Española, New Mexico, USA
Occupations: waitress, cook

Eris Ann Bruno was born in 1985 in Española, New Mexico, the daughter of Ann Bruno, a waitress in one of Española’s seedy saloons, and Mike Eris, a bounty hunter.

Ann and Mike had met when he was tracking one of his criminals, and Ann had fallen head over heels in love with him. He hadn’t known that she had been with child when he’d left behind yet another prey. Ann Bruno never tired of talking about her bounty hunter, she wanted her only child to know of her origins and instil in her a sense of pride on her father, even if she doubted he’d ever return. For all she knew, he could have been killed long ago, a distinct possibility in is line of work. Ann even named her daughter after her father’s surname, since it was a name anyway.

After Ann died when Eris was only twelve, the saloon’s owner, Teresa Ramírez, took pity on the girl and let her stay rather than send her to social security. She guessed that if Eris kept going to school and stayed out of trouble, authorities wouldn’t mind. Terrified of going to welfare and away from the only home she knew, Eris found the solution to her liking.

So the girl attended the Española Valley High School and lived above the bar with Teresa and Pedro, the cook, a placid ex-con who loved to read Shakespeare. In return, she helped Pedro in the kitchen, where it was safe for a girl to be around during the evenings, and stayed in her room most of the nights. In her gruffly way, Teresa loved the girl and tried to make life easier for her, kept her out of the clients way and taught her how to deal with those who wanted to spend a ‘good time’ with the attractive girl. With time, Eris learnt how to defend herself quite effectively on her own.

It was in one of these times when Eris saw her father for the first time. A big, hulking man had taken her from the wrist and pulled her to his lap, his beady eyes twinkling at Eris’ youthful beauty. He was so enthralled at what he thought was an easy catch that he didn’t notice Eris pulling a lighter from her jeans and lighting it just below his jellylike double chin. Taking advantage of her captor’s surprise, Eris jumped off his lap and walked backwards, her eyes hard and challenging, till he bumped onto another person. Surprised, Eris looked up and found herself staring into eyes as dark as hers. She recognized her father immediately.

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    She didn’t need much to convince her father of who she was. The resemblance was remarkable, and besides, Ann had told her enough about his life to make her story ring true. After talking with the girl, Mike Eris was sure she was his daughter; he didn’t even bother to check her DNA. He had never forgotten Ann, although some thing or the other had prevented him from coming back to Española for years.

    Having witnessed the kind of life Eris led, Mike was in a dilemma. He didn’t like his daughter living in a saloon and felling prey to drunkards, but his line of work wasn’t much better. He couldn’t take a sixteen year old along when he hunted. He guessed it was time to change, but he couldn’t do it right away.

    So he made a bargain with Teresa: he would send the woman enough cash to keep Eris out of the saloon and at school at least until she graduated, while he tried to tie some loose ends in his life and decided what to do next.

    Eris didn’t really like this solution. In her teenage mind, she thought of herself as a new ‘Domino’ and wanted to help her father in his unconventional business. She started taking self-defence classes in a local dojo and talked Pedro into teaching her to use a gun. She also continued living upon the bar and helping in the kitchen as she loved to cook, but she kept her side of the bargain and studied her way into college.

    Tying ends took Mike longer than he thought. When he finally settled down with his own bar in the city of Rockford Springs, Eris was about to enter College, was in love with the school’s quarterback and didn’t want to move out of Española, much less to go to yet another bar! All her carefully laid plans to live an exciting and dangerous life as a bounty hunter had been destroyed. She kept in touch with her father, though, and promised she’d go after she finished the four-year degree program at Northern New Mexico College.

    Eris soon found out that College life wasn’t at all what she thought it would be. She wasn’t fit to the strictures of campus life, her life had been way too atypical for her to function like that. Classes were interesting, but nothing actually hooked her. Her boyfriend was a disappointment too, and it really didn’t surprise her when she found out he was cheating on her with a former cheerleader. By the time she finished the basic two-year program at Northern, she had decided that she really didn’t want to study and wanted a change. It was time to move to Rockford Springs at last.

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