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Eris Ann Bruno

Bien!! Estoy contenta, acabo de crear un personaje para un nuevo juego de rol: Midnight Dawn. No pude evitar bautizarla Eris, se ve que estoy erisada en serio. Por si a alguien le interesa cómo es esto, acá va el perfil, sino: crucecita roja.

Name: Eris Ann Bruno
Race: Human, for now
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: blonde
Date of Birth: 21st June 1985
Place of Birth: Española, New Mexico, USA
Occupations: waitress, cook

Eris Ann Bruno was born in 1985 in Española, New Mexico, the daughter of Ann Bruno, a waitress in one of Española’s seedy saloons, and Mike Eris, a bounty hunter.

Ann and Mike had met when he was tracking one of his criminals, and Ann had fallen head over heels in love with him. He hadn’t known that she had been with child when he’d left behind yet another prey. Ann Bruno never tired of talking about her bounty hunter, she wanted her only child to know of her origins and instil in her a sense of pride on her father, even if she doubted he’d ever return. For all she knew, he could have been killed long ago, a distinct possibility in is line of work. Ann even named her daughter after her father’s surname, since it was a name anyway.

After Ann died when Eris was only twelve, the saloon’s owner, Teresa Ramírez, took pity on the girl and let her stay rather than send her to social security. She guessed that if Eris kept going to school and stayed out of trouble, authorities wouldn’t mind. Terrified of going to welfare and away from the only home she knew, Eris found the solution to her liking.

So the girl attended the Española Valley High School and lived above the bar with Teresa and Pedro, the cook, a placid ex-con who loved to read Shakespeare. In return, she helped Pedro in the kitchen, where it was safe for a girl to be around during the evenings, and stayed in her room most of the nights. In her gruffly way, Teresa loved the girl and tried to make life easier for her, kept her out of the clients way and taught her how to deal with those who wanted to spend a ‘good time’ with the attractive girl. With time, Eris learnt how to defend herself quite effectively on her own.

It was in one of these times when Eris saw her father for the first time. A big, hulking man had taken her from the wrist and pulled her to his lap, his beady eyes twinkling at Eris’ youthful beauty. He was so enthralled at what he thought was an easy catch that he didn’t notice Eris pulling a lighter from her jeans and lighting it just below his jellylike double chin. Taking advantage of her captor’s surprise, Eris jumped off his lap and walked backwards, her eyes hard and challenging, till he bumped onto another person. Surprised, Eris looked up and found herself staring into eyes as dark as hers. She recognized her father immediately.

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    She didn’t need much to convince her father of who she was. The resemblance was remarkable, and besides, Ann had told her enough about his life to make her story ring true. After talking with the girl, Mike Eris was sure she was his daughter; he didn’t even bother to check her DNA. He had never forgotten Ann, although some thing or the other had prevented him from coming back to Española for years.

    Having witnessed the kind of life Eris led, Mike was in a dilemma. He didn’t like his daughter living in a saloon and felling prey to drunkards, but his line of work wasn’t much better. He couldn’t take a sixteen year old along when he hunted. He guessed it was time to change, but he couldn’t do it right away.

    So he made a bargain with Teresa: he would send the woman enough cash to keep Eris out of the saloon and at school at least until she graduated, while he tried to tie some loose ends in his life and decided what to do next.

    Eris didn’t really like this solution. In her teenage mind, she thought of herself as a new ‘Domino’ and wanted to help her father in his unconventional business. She started taking self-defence classes in a local dojo and talked Pedro into teaching her to use a gun. She also continued living upon the bar and helping in the kitchen as she loved to cook, but she kept her side of the bargain and studied her way into college.

    Tying ends took Mike longer than he thought. When he finally settled down with his own bar in the city of Rockford Springs, Eris was about to enter College, was in love with the school’s quarterback and didn’t want to move out of Española, much less to go to yet another bar! All her carefully laid plans to live an exciting and dangerous life as a bounty hunter had been destroyed. She kept in touch with her father, though, and promised she’d go after she finished the four-year degree program at Northern New Mexico College.

    Eris soon found out that College life wasn’t at all what she thought it would be. She wasn’t fit to the strictures of campus life, her life had been way too atypical for her to function like that. Classes were interesting, but nothing actually hooked her. Her boyfriend was a disappointment too, and it really didn’t surprise her when she found out he was cheating on her with a former cheerleader. By the time she finished the basic two-year program at Northern, she had decided that she really didn’t want to study and wanted a change. It was time to move to Rockford Springs at last.

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