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Raúl Montero

Estuve revisando los archivos antiguos de mis juegos de rol, y encontré una cantidad de perfiles de diferentes personajes. Esto no es nuevo, ya publiqué los perfiles de Alessandra Hunt (LA by Night), Eris Ann Bruno (Midnight Dawn) y Tess Hawk (Fantastic Legends). Sin embargo, este perfil es diferente, el chico no es bueno, sino que era uno de los malos. Recuerdo claramente haber exprimido mi mente para crear un villano convincente, con motivos que pudieran ser plausibles para estar loco y ser perverso. Raúl es primo de Alessandra, la oveja negra de la familia. Espero que les guste (ya sé, vuelvo al inglés... pero bueno, yo jugaba en inglés, sorry)

(Una anécdota, mi black hat se llama Raúl Montero como uno de mis alumnos en el momento en que escribí esto... un chico insoportable, la verdad. Creo que fue buena catarsis hacerlo malo así, y poder castigarlo de diferentes e imaginativas formas, en vez de tirarlo por la ventana en un arranque de poco didáctica furia. Al menos el niño sobrevivió.)

Name: Raúl Montero
Species: Verbati Demon
Place of birth: Iguazú Rain Forest
Date of birth: Late XIX Century
Gender: Male
Group Affiliation: Black Hats

Raúl’s human form is that of a handsome dark haired, dark eyed man in his early thirties. He is well formed and athletic, and moves with suppleness and grace. Raúl is a great dancer and a skilled Capoerista, and that shows. Raúl likes to wear sports clothes, although when working ‘incognito’ he usually wears the spy’s typical raincoat. When in his demon form, Raúl’s fur is completely black.

Raúl Montero’s mother died during childbirth, after a long and difficult delivery. The creature was born small and weak, and it was feared he would die before his first year. It was fortunate, though, that after the first year Raúl grew up strong and fast with no marked evidence of his life’s difficult beginning. However, after a few years went by, it was clear that Raúl wasn’t like the rest of the young. He completely lacked the psychic abilities of his kind. Even if it was common that some Verbati were born without those talents, the complete lack of them was an unaccounted for thing, for all Verbatis could at least receive the thoughts or emotions of those with greater power.

This characteristic of his had several repercussions on Raúl’s life, on different levels, all of them leading to his final insanity.

Verbati’s psychic bonding was essential to the tribe’s feeling of belonging and identity. The young were raised collectively and thus they were trained and taught, but telepathy was an important part of that process, so inherent that the demons didn’t know how to take care of a child like Raúl. So, Raúl grew in isolation, never quite developing the sense of belonging and community the rest of the tribe shared, and becoming increasingly bitter and angry towards the rest of the ‘normal’ children.

Also, he was no longer in the line of succession. Verbati’s political structure is that the oldest and most powerful demon naturally becomes the leader of the tribe, but leaders usually come from the same line. Raúl’s family had given the tribe many chiefs, among them his grandfather, Shongu. However, a non-psychic Verbati could never become head of the tribe.

As most children that find themselves ‘lacking’, Raúl reacted with violence and sneakiness. He started bullying the rest, being mean and wily. His physical strength gave him at least that power over them, and he wanted to use it. Of course, this only aggravated his isolation.

With the passing of the years, Raúl’s bullying and nastiness grew as well. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, conform to social norms, and repeatedly did unheard of acts, like attacking other demons, or mauling animals, even attacking humans and putting the whole tribe in danger. His reckless behaviour and disregard for his safety or that of the tribe’s brought him to the verge of banning several times, but Raúl’s mind was completely blank to other Verbatis as much as theirs were to him, so he could get away from those deeds simply by lying.

Nevertheless, when Raúl’s sister, Inés, was born, things changed for him. Here was a creature that didn’t mind that he couldn’t ‘hear’ her, that he couldn’t sense her or that he would never become the tribe’s leader. Inés was everything he had always wanted to be, intelligent, funny, beautiful and normal. Her extrasensory abilities weren’t the most powerful, but they were there. Everybody loved Inés, and most importantly, Inés loved him. In Inés’ eyes he could do no wrong, and so, for a while, Raúl tried to actually fit in.

But Inés grew up, and her interests changed. As any young female, other things started to appeal her, especially members of the opposite sex. Raúl couldn’t stand this, he couldn’t stand her beloved sister liking other demons, the thought of her becoming attached to any demon was completely unbearable, and thus Raúl became totally insane with jealousy. Using his morphing, he followed Inés around, observing every movement, every action. When Inés finally showed her attraction for another young Verbati Raúl snapped. After watching them during a tryst, he waited till his sister left the demon to attack and kill him.

If Raúl had been in his right mind, he wouldn’t have been discovered, but as it was, he was sloppy, and evidence pointed clearly towards him. Murder was an unforgivable crime and Raúl was shunned from the tribe, forbidden to come back ever.

That didn’t mean that Raúl would follow the tribe’s dictates. Taking advantage of his mental blankness he just didn’t leave the rainforest and kept observing Inés from afar. He lived this way for years, just around. If he was close to insanity before, this new and forced isolation completely turned him mad.

It was about this time when Inés cousin, Alessandra, came to live with the Verbatis. Raúl didn’t like the half-blood girl, becoming jealous of this new and strong bonding that Inés was forming. He saw Alessa filling the space he had left empty in Inés’ life. Alessa never knew of it, but he was close to attack her several times, and only his twisted love for his sister prevented him from doing it. His bad feelings about the half-blood proved right, though, when Inés decided to leave the jungle and start living in the human world, as her cousin did.

Terrified at the thought of losing her, Raúl approached Inés in the jungle. She was surprised, but she still loved her brother, so she was also happy to see him again. She had never believed that he had been responsible for the murder of her lover, and had appealed for his return to the tribe. However, the Raúl facing her wasn’t the beloved brother she remembered. Raúl’s eyes were frenzied, and his tone strangely frantic when he pleaded her to leave the tribe and go to live with him in the jungle. Finally, Inés realized what Raúl pretended from her. He didn’t want her as a sister, was he was proposing was unnatural and sick and she recoiled in horror.

Seeing revulsion in his sister’s eyes did it. Raúl was overcome by rage, rage about it all, about the unfairness of his life, the unbending will of his tribe, his sister not loving him the way he did… For the second time in his life, Raúl snapped. Inés saw the change and was terrified so she run, and Raúl pursued. He cornered her in a ledge over the falls, and ultimately gave way to his unnatural need of his sister, raping her cruelly and violently.

When he finished, and got up from Inés’ broken body he felt no remorse, just a cruel satisfaction, like what had happened was something that had been bound to happen some time or another. Something normal. Something good. But then, before passing out, Inés looked at him with such hatred in her once loving eyes that he drew back in horror; realization of what he had done finally getting through the haze of rage, lust and satisfaction that enveloped him. He knelt next to his sister, trying to make her come to to no avail. Believing she was dead, Raúl stood up and left the place, never coming back to the falls again.

He moved to the human world, barely surviving before realizing that his morphing abilities, strength and skills at fighting would make him a very good assassin and mercenary. He has been at this line of work for years, forging a reputation and quite a fortune at it. He never failed, was completely unremorseful and there wasn’t a job he wouldn’t do.

Like all Verbati demons, Raúl can morph into any animal, human or demon form of about his size and mass. Raúl is an assassin, so he has improved his natural physical strength and trained in a variety of martial arts, being particularly good in all forms of Brazilian Capoeira – but most especially in Malandragem or ‘dirty tricks’. He doesn’t like weapons, especially fire weapons, he prefers to morph into the kind of demon that fits the situation. That doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t use weapons, though.

Raúl was born without the psychic abilities of his kind.

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Un historial muy completo para un juego de rol. Los mios se limitan desde hace años a sus preferencias psicológicas con una leve explicación del porque, su descripción física y sus filiaciones. Luego prefiero que el desarrollo del juego lo defina. Eso sí reconozco que el personaje de este modo gana mucho en profundidad (y que siempre es mejor la catarsis que tirar a un niño por la ventana xDDDD)

Ana Laura

A mí me gustaba armar bien el pasado del personaje para después tener un marco seguro en el que moverme. En realidad era eso, me daba seguridad al momento de pensar cada paso que esa persona daría. Si te fijás en los otros perfiles que publiqué antes, son más o menos iguales.

Lamentablemente hace tiempo que no juego, era una excelente manera de descargarse. Raulito debería agradecer mis gustos al momento de entretenerme, diga que nunca se enteró.

¿Vos estás jugando en este momento en algún foro? Me interesaría visitarlo, tal vez me vuelva a tentar.


¿De qué juego es el personaje? La historia es interesante, pero me pierdo por no saber bien qué es. :P

Ana Laura

El juego se llamaba LA by Night, un juego ambientado en el universo de Buffy la Cazavampiros (lo explico un poco en este post) Mi personaje era una hibrida, demonio/humana, cambiaformas llamada
Alessa Hunt (prima de Raúl). Espero que con esos datos puedas entender un poco más la historia.


Justo ayer hablábamos con una amiga sobre un juego de rol de Buffy (el oficial, junto con el de Angel) que tiene ganas de dirigir.

Con ese dato me cierra bien la cosa.

Ana Laura

¿Qué tipo de juego de rol? Yo sólo he jugado a el tipo que se basa en foros, más bien literario. Ultimamente estoy muy perdida, y la verdad que extraño jugar. Además el universo de Buffy y Ángel me encanta (creo que alguna que otra vez he mencionado mi fascinación por los vampiros).


Hablábamos del juego oficial de Buffy (esta amiga mía lo tiene, yo me bajé el de Ángel de un sitio en Internet). Es para jugar en mesa, a la vieja usanza, pero supongo que sería adaptable a foros.

Si estás extrañando mucho después te puedo pasar algún pique de foros que conozco y que están activos. Son de gente de Latinoamerica y España.

¿En Piríapolis no encontraste ningún rolero?

Ana Laura

Acá no hay ninguno, que yo conozca, al menos. La verdad es que nunca jugué en mesa, aunque me encantaría. Y sí, me interesaría que me pasaras algún link, a ver si me animo, gracias!


Conozco una partida de Vampiro (no sé si lo conocés el juego) ambientada en Chicago, en la actualidad, y otra del mismo juego pero en Madrid, también actual. Las direcciones de foros son: http://chicago.elgrimorio.es y http://madrid.elgrimorio.es

Cualquier cosa me mandás un mail.

Raúl Montero

Acabo de descubrir mi propio personaje?¿?

Un gran diseño del Blog.

Ana Laura

¿Viste? Ahora ya sabés que compartís el nombre con un demonio cambiaformas loco y perverso, y un ex-alumno insoportable del Liceo de Piriápolis en Uruguay. Honestamente, no sé cual de los dos será peor. ;)

Muy gracioso tenerte por aquí y me alegro que te gustara el diseño de mi blog, gracias.


Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.


Awesome site, I had not come across erisada.blogspot.com previously in my searches!
Carry on the fantastic work!

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